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Embracing the latest technologies – NASC TG20:21 eGuide

Embracing the latest technologies
NASC TG20:21 eGuide

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JMAC Scaffolding has always been a pioneer in the North East of England. We use the latest technologies to keep us one step ahead of our competitors. We aim to continuously improve in all areas utilizing the latest software packages and data analysis of lead / lag KPI’s. This is a testament to the success of our total quality management programme and reinforces our commitment to customer service excellence and our own business success.

NASC TG20:21 eGuide

The new TG20:21 is our latest revision into our standard working practice. The new revision which updates and expands on TG20:13, features NASC’s innovative, user-friendly software has now been added to JMAC’s arsenal of digital technologies. The new eGuide software contains a number of revisions to make the process of producing a compliant scaffolding design even simpler as well as additions to make the software even more useful.

The TG20:13 eGuide software was demonstrated at the trade body’s AGM in November, showcasing the new additions which includes exterior birdcages, tube and fitting mobile towers, tube and fitting loading bays without beams and tied independent scaffolds with three inside boards.

JMAC Scaffolding now uses the latest compliance sheets which are double-sided with the illustration and principal compliance criteria on the front side and the detailed compliance criteria listed on the reverse in landscape format.

The NASC ePortal

NASC President Lynn Way said: “TG20:13 was a huge step forward for the scaffolding industry, revolutionising the way scaffolding contractors produce day-to-day scaffolding designs and ensure their scaffolding projects are safe and compliant.

“TG20:21 is another step forward. Not only has the scope of TG20 been expanded but it’s also been further simplified – making it easier than ever to use and covering a broader range of scaffold designs.

“On top of this, the TG20:21 suite will be accessible via a dedicated digital portal, again, making it much more user friendly. I’d like to thank all the NASC Committees that played a part in working on TG20:21 as well as our long-standing software developers CADS for their efforts in bringing it to life.

“Of course, the work doesn’t stop here and we’ll continue to innovate and improve in any way we can to make the scaffolding industry safer for all.”


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