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Social Housing Scaffolding

JMAC Scaffolding can accommodate the unique requirements that come hand in hand with working on multiple social housing contracts.

In some cases, the presence of scaffolding and indeed the noise associated with construction can cause an annoyance to residents and we know how important it is to meet landlord’s needs and keep tenants happy when it comes to social housing upgrades. All our social housing scaffolding is quick and easy to assemble. All products that we stock are made of the highest quality materials and adhere to strict health and safety regulations.

Social landlords often need to assemble scaffolding around tenanted buildings. Sometimes this is to undertake repairs to the benefit of all of the occupants and at other times it is for a refurbishment or building new and additional houses.

Over the years, we have worked and continue to work on a number of high profile Social Housing projects and have played an integral role in helping to provide service maintenance solutions and fast track responsive and planned solutions to this sector.

Given our experience in working with Local Authorities, Housing Associations and in working alongside other sub-contractors on complex projects, our team can work in close partnership with the many teams required to ensure a high level of coordinated support for social housing works.

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Client: Re:Gen Group, Whinney Banks, Middlesbrough

Client: Engie, Grangetown, Middlesbrough

Social Housing Scaffold JMAC Scaffolding
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Social Housing Scaffolding JMAC Scaffolding