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Established in 1981, J Mac Scaffolding can provide scaffolding and access solutions for almost any task, from specialist access and temporary roofing systems for a major Refurbishment of a Listed building to a small scaffolding tower for a local builder. J Mac Scaffolding Specialises in Traditional tubes and fittings, this type of materials can offer a cost advantage for certain projects, however we can also provide specialist Systemised tube and fitting systems using Structural transom units, and various system scaffolding products such as Layher, Haki & Plettac Metrix.

System Scaffolding can offer an advantage where the type of scaffolding required needs to be erected and dismantled in a short period of time due to time constraints. J Mac Scaffolding have a wealth of experience erecting temporary scaffold structures, we utilise various products and techniques using conventional tube & fittings, prefabricated transom units and various System Scaffolding Products.

J Mac Scaffolding takes on projects of all different sizes to a variety of clients. Taking pride in erecting basic configuration scaffolding access platforms in accordance with NASC TG20-13 utilising the latest E-Guide Software and compliance sheets. J Mac Scaffolding uses the latest industry Software SMART SCAFFOLDER and STRIKESOFT to draw each scaffolding using CADS technology to give our clients the best Quotations available supported with 3D Models.

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