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Full scaffold design services | JMAC Scaffolding

At JMAC we create innovative and bespoke design solutions.

Our team helping streamline construction processes with three-dimensional drawings.3D CAD software like SMART Scaffolder Software is extremely useful for Scaffolding Project Design. It allows our deign engineers and the scaffolding management team to quickly generate more efficient designs and a more accurate representation of planned scaffold structures before they are built.Knowing that everything JMAC produce is fully compliant with regulations, using 3D CAD software also helps us deliver the following to our clients:

Easier to visualise projects
Faster turnaround on projects
More accurate estimates

At JMAC Scaffolding we also encompass the use of the NASC TG20 E-Guide to provide all clients with either a compliance sheet showing that the scaffolding erected complies with TG20 or a bespoke Scaffolding design with supporting calculations.

Designs are identified at tender / surveying stage for each project. JMAC Scaffolding has created relationships with a range of design engineers who support the team on a daily basis.