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Staircase Scaffolding

The use of Scaffolding Staircase structures on construction sites and for Public Access has increased with the need to improve the safe means of access and egress, with planning and consideration been given to the movement of pedestrians either on site or in a public area.

At JMAC Scaffolding we understand the importance of Access and Egress and on most large Scale projects we are now asked to provide Staircases or Powered Access for the safe movement of men and materials around site. 

JMAC follow the National Access and Scaffolding confederation (NASC) guidance note namely SG25 and guide our clients at tender and planning phase on access solutions and specialist needs. JMAC can offer Haki Staircases, Layher Staircase & Universal Staircases built using Tubes and Fittings.

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Client: MDS Environmental – Designed Site Access Staircase – The Globe Theatre Stockton On Tees

Client: Keepmoat Regeneration North East – Bamburgh House Newcastle upon Tyne

Client: Esh Living – Gresham, Middlesbrough

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