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JMAC is proud to wear it’s crown of accreditations

Health & Safety at JMAC

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At JMAC our Health & Safety policies are at the forefront of what we do; be it in our products, working practices or company procedures, we strive to go above and beyond what is required and that is what differentiates us in what is an ever-demanding construction industry. We are proud of the accreditations we’ve earned.

The construction industry is continuously changing; the teams on site, the weather and environment, the machinery, different materials, job roles and composition of teams change every single day. These changes can create a dynamic and challenging work environment and culture on the construction site that exposes workers to a wide range of safety hazards and risks.

Construction workers continue to experience high rates of injury and illness compared with many other industries. Growing evidence suggests that health and safety culture has a direct effect on safety performance. We believe that the support of good management is fundamental to the success of any health and safety program. Residential construction is a high-risk industry requiring significant commitment by management to impact day-to-day health and safety challenges. 

The construction industry can be perceived as a very “reactive” industry at times, with workers responding to the hazards they perceive, and their perceptions affect their choices, subsequent actions, misjudgements, accidents which can often result in injuries.

When working on site, many workers willingly engage in dangerous practices and unsafe work environments day after day. These create short-term benefits such as faster work processes and over time, they may lower their perceptions of risk and overlook the inherent riskiness of their job role.

Over the years JMAC has compiled evidence suggesting that management policies, procedures and commitment to safety greatly influences the safety climate and culture on worksites.

JMAC has worked with many different companies over the past 40 years; we have seen some bizarre health and safety practices which would make most health and safety directors toes curl! Health and safety rules are exhaustive on construction sites and while most are completely acceptable, there are some restrictions which a lot of workers deem pretty ridiculous.

Sometimes, nonsensical rules and regulations can have an adverse effect on health and safety culture, too much red tape can also cause problems on site, slowing down the workers and causing staff to completely ignore the rules in order to get the job done quicker. Furthermore, over the years these practices have demonstrated that safety climate and culture are inversely correlated with injury and illness rates.

Luis McCarthy

“We believe that keeping all policies and procedures coherent and easy to understand is the key to organisational success in regard to health and safety. More precisely, the higher the safety climate and better the safety culture, the lower the injury and illness rates are likely to be”




Here at JMAC we take health and safety very seriously; our policies and procedures are at the core of everything we do. Our organizational culture can be thought of as “the interaction between the organization and individuals” containing both formalized structure and direction from the top down. Our Health & Safety Director creates all of our health and safety policies, with top-level managers following procedures, programs and budgets to provide equipment and training.

In doing so, top level managers create the culture of the company. Company leaders create organizational infrastructure, establish a hierarchy of managers, provide resources and deploy their policies and procedures, thereby setting the tone for day-to-day priorities, work safe behaviours, adherence to safety standards and the consequence of noncompliance.

JMAC is proud to wear it’s crown of accreditations, Construction Line Gold, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, CHAS, SSIP, NASC, SIMIAN, RHA CITB & other memberships of professional bodies. We continually invest time in maintaining our memberships and accreditations, creating confidence in the scaffolding services that we provide. As well as helping to maintain working standards, some of these trade bodies can be called upon on the rare occasions when a contract dispute arises. We believe that our accreditations provide customers with peace of mind: when you book with JMAC, you can count on getting the professional service you’re looking for.​


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