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Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

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ISO 9001:2015 is the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). JMAC would like to announce that we have once again passed our surveillance audit for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001.

More than one million of the world’s best organisations use the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. It shows that we are an ambitious business with a commitment to quality.

The JMAC Framework

The standard provides a management framework to improve business practices and helps us to provide products & services that exceed our customers’ expectations. Being certified shows that we always follow best international practices, and we are a trusted, well-respected company to conduct business with.

The commitment of our employees to the goals of the organisation is a critical component of our total quality programme. Organisational and individual commitment to quality has always been emphasised at JMAC, as well as the importance of measuring this commitment to quality against industry baselines. We are continuously using historic benchmarks at the early stages of implementing our quality programmes.

Kieren Cattenach

We believe that we have developed a highly reliable, valid instrument for measuring commitment to quality, and this has been reflected by our recent recognition by Alcumus Limited.

Kieren Cattanach, HSEQ Director at JMAC Said:

“Over the past three months JMAC has been recognised by Alcumus, FASET & NASC.  It is great to see that all of our efforts to lead and strengthen our culture do not go unnoticed. All departments have shown a high level of self-motivation and dedication to the quality and integrity of their work, this inspires us all to do more.”


The benefits run much deeper than winning new business. Our Quality Management System impacts on every aspect our organisation – cutting waste and costs, improving morale and efficiency.

Ultimately, our latest certification is a testament to the success of our total quality management programme and reinforces our commitment to quality and business success.



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